NeoCortec signs agreement with Honeywell to develop wireless mesh technology for fire detection

by donpedro

NeoCortec, manufacturer of ultra-low-power bi-directional wireless mesh network modules, recently signed an agreement with Honeywell Building Technologies, a global leader in fire and life safety, to develop wireless fire detection devices that offer higher reliability, ease of installation and commissioning, and competitive cost of ownership.

NeoCortec’s NeoMesh technology will be integrated into Honeywell wireless fire detection products like smoke detectors, modules and audio-visual devices.

“We are pleased to work with Honeywell to create a new generation of wireless detectors that pair our wireless mesh networking protocol and stack with Honeywell’s expertise in fire detection,” said Thomas Halkier, NeoCortec CEO

Designed for versatility and use in different application areas, the NeoCortec NeoMesh wireless mesh networking protocol and software stack is optimised for ultra-low power operation. NeoMesh is ideally suited for wireless sensor network installations where each device is required to send small packets of data infrequently. In such applications, NeoMesh can enable the network to operate on small batteries for several years. Unlike most other mesh network technologies, NeoMesh is dynamic and scalable with very few limits to network size or depth.

“Wireless fire safety systems can offer property owners the agility they need to meet ever-evolving occupant expectations as building spaces become more dynamic as well as saving costs when it comes to testing and maintenance routines,” said Jurgen van Goethem, vice president and general manager of Fire and Security for Honeywell Building Technologies.

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