Murata SimpleLink Wi-Fi modules simplify IoT connectivity

by donpedro

MUR379_LBWA1ZZ1_SMurata announced a series of two 2.4 GHz IEEE802.11 b/g/n compliant wireless modules based around the TI CC3200 and TI CC3100 SimpleLink chipsets. These miniature modules, measuring 13.2 × 21.45 × 2.65 mm significantly ease incorporating wireless internet connectivity to a host of embedded applications and especially internet of things (IoT) designs.

Both modules, Type 1JP and Type1JQ, have SPI and UART interfaces, 16 Mbit of Flash memory and a 40 MHz clock. The module is constructed on a PCB with all matching components and a PCB antenna and the wireless transceiver and associated logic enclosed in a metal case. Peripheral interfaces include SPI, UART and numerous GPIO pins for attaching sensors and other devices.

The Type 1JP module, part code LBWA1ZZ1JP-928 uses the TI CC3100 chipset and attaches to a host microcontroller to control communication. The Type 1JQ, part code LBWA1ZZ1JQ-929 uses the TI CC3200 chipset that features a Cortex-M4 microcontroller and 256 kB RAM enabling it to operate as a complete “host-less” application.

Both modules are pin-to-pin compatible and will remain compatible with later second-generation modules of Simplelink allowing customers to upgrade their designs without any hardware redesign.

These modules are certified for FCC/IC and R&TTE tested for CE.

These low cost and ultra compact modules ease the task of provisioning wireless connectivity to any IoT design.


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