MSC Technologies presents EUD 100SxxxDD Class II programmable Outdoor LED driver from Inventronics

by donpedro

201602-distribution-inventronics-press-v1MSC Technologies, company of Avnet, Inc. presents the second generation of 100W Class II programmable outdoor (IP67) LED driver family from Inventronics. The devices are operating with wide input voltage range of 90~305VAC with an excellent power factor of 0.96 @ 220VACin.

The drivers have a standard power default setting but it´s possible to set the output power characteristic individual within a range of 60 to 100%, according to different project requirements. The drivers have a very high surge protection capability of 10kV line-line and feature overvoltage protection, short circuit protection as well as over temperature protection.

Additional device features are Output Lumen Compensation over LED Lifetime (OLC), thermal sensing of the LED Module and an on board auxiliary power supply with 12V/200mA for driving external controllers or sensor units. The very high efficiency of 93.0% (@220VACin / Io = 700mA; TA=25°C) and very low standby power of ≤ 0.5W leads to cooler operation, better reliability and longer lifetime (101khrs @TA=70°C; 80% load) of the driver and the whole lighting system. The new EUD-100S Series targets general outdoor application especially street lighting as well as tunnel, low bay or similar applications. The drivers are available now.

MSC Technologies

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