Microchip expands DAC range and adds flexibility

by donpedro

Microchip announces the MCP4801/2, MCP4811/2 (MCP48XX) and MCP4901/2, MCP4911/2 (MCP49XX) Digital-to-Analogue Converters (DACs). The new products expand the Company’s portfolio of DACs with single- and dual-channel 8- and 10-bit devices featuring an SPI communication interface, as well as internal and external voltage-reference options. The MCP48XX family has an internal voltage reference, while the MCP49XX family accepts an external voltage reference. These DACs are appropriate for applications in the consumer (e.g., home appliances, LCD displays, computer peripherals); industrial (e.g., control systems, motor control, metering); and medical markets (e.g., ultrasound, ECG, sensor calibration), among others.

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