Stand-Alone LIN 2.1/SAE J2602 Transceivers from Microchip

by donpedro

Microchip announces the MCP 2003 and MCP2004 (MCP 2003/4) stand-alone LIN transceivers. These AEC-Q100-certified devices are 3rd party-LIN/ J2602 approved and satisfy the stringent requirements of automotive manufacturers, worldwide. The transceivers are compliant with the LIN Bus 1.X/2.0/2.1 and SAE J2602 standards, and feature industry-leading ESD and EMC performance for reliable communication in extremely harsh environments. Their current-consumption ratings are among the lowest in the LIN transceiver market, allowing for extended battery life and more efficient non-ignition-switched applications. The market momentum for LIN continues to show strong growth and acceptance in all regions around the world. The MCP 2003/4 family represents Microchip’s third generation of LIN/ SAE J2602 transceivers, following the Company’s previous-generation MCP2021/2 transceivers with an integrated voltage regulator.

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