Leuze: Precise measurement, positioning, quality assurance of objects

by donpedro

In highly automated systems in intralogistics and production, precise monitoring and measurement of distances is essential for smooth running in daily operation.

Distance sensors are used for this purpose in, for example, stack height measurements, quality assurance in assembly lines or for positioning of vehicles. We offer a comprehensive product range of optical distance sensors that enables pinpoint measurement, positioning and quality assurance of any objects over long and short distances.
Our sensors are based on various measurement operating principles (triangulation measurement, propagation time measurement, phase measurement). These enable both the reproducible measurement of distances in the range of tenths of a millimeter as well as over larger distances in excess of 60 meters. The measurement data can be transferred with IO-Link and evaluated with software in the machine. Based on the current values, production processes can be constantly adapted and optimized.

Quality assurance Stack height measurement Positioning
During assembly processes, the completeness or alignment of individual components must be ensured. To do this, the reference points must be defined and checked.
With machining processes, the raw material must be fed into the machine without interruption. To ensure this, the stack height on the load carrier must be constantly detected.
For the positioning of vehicles and side-tracking skates, their distance to a specified reference point must be measured.
Due to their high resolution at close range, the ODSL 8 and ODS 9 sensors are suitable for checking reference points. Robust plastic and metal housings are available.
The ODS 9 sensors with ODSL 96 with different resolutions and ranges make it possible to measure the height of differently stacked objects.
Thanks to their large operating ranges of up to 65 meters and a focused laser, the ODSL 30 and ODS 10 sensors are suitable for positioning. Models with and without reflector are available.


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