IPETRONIK offers new Plug-in for controlling the Pollin-AVR-NET-IO-Boards and Atmel-Processors for its measurement software IPEmotion

by donpedro

IPETRONIK has enhanced the application scope of its measurement and data acquisition software IPEmotion by new AVR-NET-IO- and Atmel-Plug-in of Technikmedia. Hence, IPEmotion can also be deployed in other areas beyond the typical measurement data acquisition. The new Plug-in once again emphasizes on the hardware independence of measurement software. AVR-NET-IO-Plug-in grants the simple controlling of Pollin-AVR-NET-IO-Boards via analogous and digital I/Os through IPEmotion. The new Plug-in supports not only the configuration of input and output channels and user interfaces via Ethernet interface of the board, but also saves and analyses the data. It is an advantage for the user that he can operate the AVR-NET-IO-Board with the free IPEmotion-Basic-Edition amongst others with the eight-channel relay card K8IO.
AVR-NET-IO is an economic Ethernet hardware platform with ATMega32-micro controller and ENC28J60-netzwork controller. The board is equipped with eight digital outputs, four digital and four ADC-inputs. All this can be accessed or connected through network connection (TCP/IP). The board is widespread in universities and training facilities. It is deployed in multifaceted applications for learning tasks in field of research and test. AVR-NET-IO-Board is available as finished module or as assembly kit.


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