Innovasic’s EtherNet/IP Module and Embedded Design Solution now available with Beacon-based Device Level Ring (DLR)

by donpedro

Innovasic announces a new version of its RapID Platform Network Interface for Industrial Ethernet connectivity that supports high performance Device Level Ring (DLR) networks. DLR is the fault recovery protocol endorsed by ODVA for network ring topologies. The RapID Platform – EtherNet/IP Network Interface with DLR supports beacon rates down to 100 µs enabling fault recovery and ring restore times of less than 10 ms. Participation in the DLR ring is transparent to any host processor or host application connected to the RapID Platform.
As with all protocol versions of the Network Interface, the EtherNet/IP version with DLR incorporates PriorityChannel™ technology. PriorityChannel eliminates the effects of network traffic loading and ensures real-time EtherNet/IP messages are always processed on-time, every time. A field device incorporating Innovasic’s Network Interface solution is protected from unpredictable packet delays, excessive latency, and connection failure without worrying about network segmentation or switch configuration.
An ODVA conformance tested RapID Platform module and embedded design will be available in January 2013.


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