Smoke detector IC with integrated bus interface ensures highest flexibility in the smallest space

by donpedro

MSC now offers the E520.32 programmable smoke detector IC from ELMOS Semiconductor. This device revolute the smoke detector market and includes all active electronic components of a network capable smoke detector. The E520.32 combines a configurable 200 mA driver for the transmitter LED, a high impedance input for the voltage conversion to the receiver diode and a 2-wire bus interface.
The E520.32 is equipped with 4 KByte of flash ROM and 32 Byte of EEPROM. In addition to a wide photo input current range of 1.5 nA to 45 nA, the device also features a low current consumption of only 88 µA.
The fast responses of the amplifier and the 10-bit A/D converter allow short transmitter pulses at a high detection rate. Furthermore, due to the narrow band pass filter characteristics of the amplifier, interference signals and false alarms are avoided.
The transmitter pulses are processed by the integrated 8-bit microcontroller. The numerous configuration options allow an optimization of the system’s performance. For example, up to 255 detectors can be connected to the bus interface.
The E520.32 smoke detector IC is designed for an operating temperature range from 55°C to +85°C and is provided in a SOIC14 package. Detailed information about the E520.32 smoke detector IC can be obtained by sending an email request to elmos@msc

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