Industry’s Simplify Isolated Digital Inputs to an Industrial PLC While Reducing Power, System Cost, and Size

by donpedro

Designers now have a way to reduce power, system cost, and size for programmable logic controller (PLC) digital-input subsystems, with the Corona (MAXREFDES12#) reference design by Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. This design reduces isolated channels and leverages analog integration for industrial control and automation applications.
One method of reducing the size of I/O solutions in PLCs is to reduce the number of digital channels that need to be isolated. Integrating three Maxim products including a transformer driver, the Corona design reduces isolated channels and eliminates the need for power-hungry optocouplers and discrete parts. These savings reduce power by 16%, solution size by 38%, and cost by 23%. Maxim’s devices used in Corona are designed specifically for harsh industrial environments with operating temperature ranges from -40°C to +125°C, so they are ideal for use in PLCs and other automation applications.

Key Advantages
• Analog integration: reduces isolation channels to four while Maxim’s digital isolator eliminates the need for optoisolators; optimized for 16, 24, and 32 input channel designs, the digital input serializer’s SPI busses can be daisy-chained to further reduce isolation channel count, leading to increased savings
• Lower power: best-in-class power consumption; uses 16% less power than the traditional design approach
• Lower cost: uses 38 fewer parts than a traditional design to create a less expensive integrated solution
• Smaller size: provides 51% fewer components than a traditional design

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