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7-segment displays (THT variant) WL-T7DS — Image source: Würth Elektronik

Würth Elektronik presents two product series of 7-segment displays: The SMT-mountable WL-S7DS and the THT-variant WL-T7DS. These rugged single-digit display can perform numbers easily. The new long-term standard products are available in three sizes, each with red or green LEDs (635 nm or 570 nm). Other emitted colors can be realized on request. Compared to the other number displays, which are available on the market, Würth Elektronik’s products score with the low power consumption of just a few milliamperes and with faster switching characteristics.

7-segment displays: (SMT-mountable) WL-S7DS — Image source: Würth Elektronik

7-segment displays are the indispensable classic among displays for many applications. Where only numbers need to be presented, they are unbeatably fast compared to LCDs, easier to control and exceptionally robust with an operating temperature range of -35 to +85°C. WL-S7DS is available in 12 × 7.3 × 3.75 mm (0.30 inch), 15 × 9.8 × 3.75 mm (0.39 inch), and 19 × 12.4 × 3.75 mm (0.56 inch). The WL-T7DS THT variant offers a choice of 13 × 10 × 7 mm (0.39 inch), 17.5 × 12.4 × 7 mm (0.52 inch) and 19 × 12.6 × 7.9 mm (0.56 inch). The 7-segment displays are now available from stock without a minimum order quantity. Free samples are provided on request.

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