Farnell extends range of Raspberry Pi accessories

by donpedro

Farnell, the Development Distributor, is now stocking an expanded range of accessories and extensions for its market-leading Raspberry Pi product offering. Additions include five new language variants of the popular Raspberry Pi keyboard, a 10.1” touchscreen from Multicomp Pro and a new range of HATs (hardware-attached tops) from Pimoroni allowing designers, educationalists, makers and hobbyists to add more functionality to their projects.

These new product introductions will offer users increased ease of use and additional functionality to their Raspberry Pi designs. Farnell’s market-leading Raspberry Pi product range is available for fast shipping and 24/5 support is provided to ensure customers can take full advantage of the significant capabilities of the Raspberry Pi 4.

The ergonomically designed Raspberry Pi keyboard is compatible with all Raspberry Pi products and now available in five new language variants: Portuguese, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and Japanese, extending the existing options of English (both UK and USA layouts), German, French, Spanish, and Italian. Designed to match Raspberry Pi cases and provide a colour-coordinated desktop, the keyboard is available in red and white or black and grey. Features include automatic keyboard language detection, three USB 2.0 type A ports for powering other peripherals and a USB type A to micro USB type B cable is included for connection to compatible computer.

The new pre-assembled 10.1” HDMI touchscreen display by Multicomp Pro delivers a simple display solution for a wide range of applications and supports pinch, zoom and rotate functions. The Raspberry Pi can be mounted onto the rear of the interface PCB using the supplied pillars and screws for easy integration.

Pimoroni designs and manufactures its products in the UK and is one of the best-known suppliers of educational, industrial, and hobbyist electronics. The range of add-on Pimoroni HATs now available from Farnell add greater functionality to Raspberry Pi projects, from sensing to lighting and automation.

  • Unicorn HAT Mini is a 17×7 matrix of RGB LEDs and offers control of colour and brightness to display animations, text, simple images, and more. Four tactile buttons may be used to control the colour or brightness of the LEDs, or as inputs for simple games or control projects. 
  • Automation HAT MINI is perfect for home automation projects and can monitor and control 24V systems showing their status on a 0.96″ full-colour IPS LCD display. It includes a relay, three buffered inputs, three analog inputs and three outputs. 
  • Scroll HAT Mini has 119 LEDs suitable for scrolling text and features individual PWM brightness control over each pixel making advanced animations possible. On-board buttons may be used for menu or playback control, or to control simple games. A pre-soldered header simplifies integration into projects. 
  • Enviro HAT and Enviro HAT+Air Quality is specifically designed for environmental monitoring and can measure air quality (pollutant gases and particulates when combined with a particulate matter sensor), temperature, pressure, humidity, light, and noise level.

Farnell offers the widest range of SBC products available to support teachers, students, makers, inventors and professional designers, enabling them to realise their design projects from experiments and embedded solutions to personal computers. Farnell has championed the use of Raspberry Pi with both professional design engineers and makers through the element14 community and STEM academy. Working with multiple educational organisations and governments the company is a key supplier of STEM learning solutions into the classroom. Farnell’s element14 engineering and maker community provides a forum for educators to learn more about STEM.

Farnell is the leading manufacturer of the Raspberry Pi and has sold more than 15 million units to date. Farnell stocks all versions of the Raspberry Pi single board computer, a range of starter kits, and a diverse ecosystem of accessories that enable users to build devices for home, professional, education or commercial use. Customers can benefit from 24/5 technical support, alongside free access to valuable online resources on the Farnell website, and engineering and maker community, element14.

The new range of keyboards and HATs are available for fast delivery from Farnell in EMEA.


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