Ericsson wins 5TH award from Electronic Products China for Ultra Wide Input Power MODULE

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• Recognition for PKM5000D that simplifies radio base station design
• Single product powers systems from 18V to 75V, reducing inventory while increasing flexibility and reducing cost
• Versatile – also suitable for industrial applications
Ericsson Power Modules has won a top 10 DC/DC power modules award from Electronic Products China magazine for the 5th time, once again recognising the company’s expertise in developing innovative, high efficiency products that reduce the environmental impact of power conversion in electronic equipment. The award ceremony took place on September 17th in Beijing at the ninth annual Power Technology conference.
The PKM5000D power module with its 18V to 75V input range was selected for the award. The DC/DC converter is primarily, but not exclusively, designed to power radio base stations. It is a flexible product that enables customers to halve their inventory because the module can be used with either 24V or 48V-input systems, so customers no longer need to stock two versions for the different input voltages. In addition to base stations, the converter is suitable for transportation, test equipment and process control applications. It can also be used to power remote-feeding applications that utilise 20V to 60V line voltages. Here, its operational margin ensures that remote systems remain operational at any source voltage.
“Ericsson Power Modules has demonstrated its commitment to customers in China for more than [3] decades. The company’s rate of innovation in power modules is outstanding and we are pleased to recognise the company’s achievements once again with this prestigious award, won in the face of very strong competition” said Scott Li, vice editor-in-chief of Electronic Products China.
Commenting on the award, Ericsson Power Modules’ Director of Marketing and Communication, Patrick Le Fèvre, said: “It’s always an honour to see Ericsson Power Modules’ long-established relationship with the Chinese electronics market recognised through awards such as these. To win this award for the fifth time is a great tribute to the innovation skills and engineering expertise of our design and manufacturing teams in Sweden and China. Their close cooperation is producing market-leading products with clear technical, commercial and environmental benefits for our customers around the world.”

Patrick Le Fèvre, Marketing and Communication Director
Ericsson Power Modules
Phone: +46-10-716 95 07

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