Rutronik presents new Single Board Computer PicoCom4 from F & S

by donpedro

The new PicoCOM4 from F & S Elektronik Systeme is a small LCD-Controller module with integrated operating system. All common TFT displays up to WVGA resolution (800 × 600) can be connected. Many standardized interfaces completely supported by the integrated OS allows fast and straightforward implementation of the required communication tasks. The new product is available at distributor Rutronik now.

It offers connections for: Ethernet, USB Host, USB Device, 2x RS232/RS485 with 3.3V, CAN2.0, SD-Card Slot, I2C, SPI, Audio and Touch. Windows CE6.0R3, installed on PicoCOM4 offer bootloader, interface driver and images with functions like silverlight, mediaplayer and IE. The whole powermanagement (power supply, reset circuitry) is provided on-board and the module is connected to the main application via a pluggable 80-pin connector. The computing power is provided by a 400MHz ARM CPU. By default the PicoCOM4 is equipped with 64MB RAM and 64MB flash. PicoCOM4 is pin compatible to PicoCOM2. The starter kit consisting of a baseboard with mounted PicoCOM4, a set of cables and one 320 × 240 TFTLCD is also available at Rutronik.

Contact at Rutronik:
Marcus Weber, Manager Displays & Embedded Boards
Ph: +49 7231 801-0

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