Does your design require increased accuracy and extended battery life?

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Zero-drift Op Amps deliver ultra-high precision with low-power operation.
The ultra-low offset and low offset drift of Microchip’s MCP6V11/31 zero-drift Op Amps, deliver enhanced accuracy with energy-saving operation in signal conditioning, instrumentation and portable sensor applications. The MCP6V11 combines quiescent current as low as 7.5µA and single supply voltages down to 1.6V, with a gain bandwidth pro­duct (GBWP) of 80kHz; whilst the MCP6V31 offers a typical quiescent current of 23µA, a voltage range from 1.8V and GBWP of 300kHz. Both families achieve maximum input offset voltage of 8µV and offset voltage drift of 0.05µV/ºC.
Ultra-high performance, low power consumption combined with ultra-high precision over temperature and time allows portable consumer, industrial and medical products to increase accuracy and battery life whilst reducing thermal management and cost. For industrial applications, such as portable sensor conditioning and instrumentation, these new zero-drift operational amplifiers enable longer battery life, smaller form factors, easier thermal management and tighter cost control.

Design Aids
Microchip offers a variety of user-friendly design aids to help get you started on your next project:
• SPICE Macro Models
• FilterLab® Software
• Microchip Advanced Part Selector (MAPS)
• Analogue Demonstration and Evaluation Boards
• Application Notes

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