Current-sense amplifiers with I2C output support wide common-mode range

by donpedro

Maxim Integrated Products introduces the MAX9611/MAX9612, the latest additions to its industry-leading portfolio of high-side, current-sense amplifiers (CSAs). Designed for industrial, consumer, and automotive applications that require digitized current-sense data, the MAX9611/MAX9612 integrate a 12-bit ADC and a gain block that can be configured as either an op amp or a comparator. This integration provides the key components for easy implementation of fault monitoring and closed-loop control applications, such as inrush-current limiting and gain control.
The MAX9611/MAX9612 integrate an I2C-controlled, 12-bit, 500sps ADC for reading the sense-resistor current, input common-mode voltage, op-amp/comparator output, op-amp/comparator reference voltage, and internal die temperature. The I2C bus is compatible with 1.8Vand 3.3V logic, providing a direct interface for modern microcontrollers.
These CSAs have a wide input common-mode voltage range (0V to +60V). Programmable (440mV, 110mV, and 55mV) full-scale sense voltages enable a wide dynamic range, accurate current measurement, and flexibility in selecting sense resistor values.
The MAX9611/MAX9612 are fully specified over the -40?C to +125?C automotive temperature range, and are available in a 10-pin µMAX® package. Prices start at $1.50 (1000-up, FOB USA).

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