Contrinex presents a world first: M12 size, full-metal sensors with an extremely long operating distance of 15 mm

by donpedro

No fewer than four new, full-metal versions (PNP, NPN, NO, NC) in size M12 offer the unique benefit of a 15 mm operating distance. In this way, Contrinex adds an innovative technology to its Full Inox Extreme range as a solution for customers who need robust sensors with maximum operating distances.

Equipped for the most extreme conditions thanks to their one-piece stainless steel housing (V2A/AISI 304) and hermetically sealed cable exit, the new Contrinex Extreme sensors with a particularly long operating distance of 15 mm resist aggressive chemicals and are waterproof up to 80 bar. The operating temperature range is between -25°C and +70°C (-13°F and +158°F).
The devices feature factor 1 on both ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic materials and are suitable for the most demanding applications.
Sensors from the Extreme range are equipped with a high-quality Contrinex ASIC. This offers guaranteed switching distances, highest repeatability and optimum temperature compensation. Even when used in extreme environments, it will ensure prolonged sensor life expectancy.
An IO-Link interface, integrated at no extra charge, offers possibilities that include advanced diagnostic information for easy error localization, to help minimize downtime.
Inductive full-metal sensors from the Contrinex Full Inox Extreme range (series 700) with increased operating distance have proved highly effective worldwide wherever harsh environments exclude the use of sensors with a plastic sensing face – whether in the automotive and machine building industries, or in mobile equipment and packaging machines.

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