Altus Adds Coatflow to its Portfolio

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As electronics get smaller and more complex, the importance to protect PCBs from elements like the adsorption of atmospheric moisture, airborne contamination, and electrostatic attraction of dust to the surface is critical to its performance.
In order to avoid these problems boards need to be conformally coated. Recognising its significance, Altus Group, a leading supplier of capital equipment, has added a new company to its portfolio, Coatflow.
Coatflow, a Spanish based company, has added a new dimension to Altus’ capital equipment offering with a range of selective conformal coating solutions. The CF440 benchtop robot is one system that is proving a popular choice.
As a desktop system it offers the ease of being a reliable, accurate and easy to maintain solution for coating and dispensing.

Joe Booth, Altus’ Business Development and Marketing Manager said: “Coatflow offers further choice for those looking to invest in proficient coating solutions. As entry level systems they offer a great number of benefits. The CF440 provides the highest quality support for dispensing and coating with its accurate 4-axis feature. What makes the CF440 especially helpful is its extra-long working area making it perfect for larger LED boards. Not only is it fast and accurate it also includes the impressive COATcontrolPRO 2 software. This works to manage all parameters required for dispensing and coating easily on-screen. Elements including conveyor control and level sensors can be simply controlled. We are very pleased to have been selected as a distributor for Coatflow and look forward to introducing the products to our customer-base across the UK and Ireland.”

CF440 also includes PATHCOAT software to help obtain the best production ratios, together with automatic optimisation and CAD import to improve patterns from a drawing. The system has the option to be upgraded with a flow meter module which works in real time. There is also the opportunity to add a complete traceability option which includes the recognition of 10 and 20 bar codes.

Coatflow CF 400 has a full range of valves available to cover all dispensing and coating demands making it an ideal solution to the protection of todays’ complex PCBs.

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