After standard comes ultra-fast: Extremely fast 200 V FRED-Pt® rectifiers from Vishay – new at Rutronik

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Rutronik is expanding its range of rectifiers with the four new series of ultra-fast 200 V FRED-Pt® from Vishay. The VS-1EAH02xM3 (1 A), VS-2EAH02xM3 (2 A), VS-3EAH02xM3 (3 A) and VS-5EAH02xM3 (5 A) have improved thermal performance and increased performance. Their low-profile DFN3820A housings provide a space-saving solution with high efficiency – predestined for commercial, industrial and especially automotive applications. They are each available as Vishay Automotive Grade, AEC-Q101 qualified versions at

The four new series of surface mount ultra-fast rectifiers come in the industry’s first Power DFN3820A low-profile packages measuring just 3.8mm x 2.0mm with a typical height of just 0.88 mm, enabling highly effective utilisation of PCB space. They also offer excellent thermal performance due to the optimized copper mass design and die placement technology, enabling operation at higher current levels. Wettable flanks allow automatic optical inspection (AOI) without the use of X-rays.

The rectifiers offer equivalent or higher rated currents than larger components in conventional SMB and SMC housings and therefore score points with a more than doubled current carrying capacity with a profile height reduced by 12 %. The low forward voltage drop (up to 0.71 V) reduces power losses and improves efficiency. The reverse leakage current is up to 1 μA.

Further benefits:

  • AEC-Q101 qualified versions available
  • Ideal for automatic assembly
  • MSL-1, according to J-STD-020, LF peak value of 260° C
  • RoHS-compliant and halogen-free

Application examples:

  • Automotive applications, such as
    • Dual-voltage injector drivers, piezo drivers and engine control units (ECU); advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS),
    • Lidar, camera and anti-lock braking systems (ABS) as well as 48 V electrical systems, chargers and battery management systems (BMS) in electric and hybrid electric vehicles (HEV)
  • Industrial automation, such as
    • Devices and tools for industrial automation, home and building control systems, consumer electronics and appliances as well as telecommunications and medical devices
    • Product specifications overview: 


Part: IF(AV) (A) VR (V) IFSM (A) VF (V) IF (A) TJ (C) TJ max. (C) Package Automotive Grade
VS-1EAH02-M3 1 200 32 0,72 1 150 175 DFN3820A NO
VS-2EAH02-M3 2 200 54 0,71 2 150 175 DFN3820A NO
VS-3EAH02-M3 3 200 61 0,73 3 150 175 DFN3820A NO
VS-5EAH02-M3 5 200 102 0,72 5 150 175 DFN3820A NO
VS-1EAH02HM3 1 200 32 0,72 1 150 175 DFN3820A YES
VS-2EAH02HM3 2 200 54 0,71 2 150 175 DFN3820A YES
VS-3EAH02HM3 3 200 61 0,73 3 150 175 DFN3820A YES
VS-5EAH02HM3 5 200 102 0,72 5 150 175 DFN3820A YES

For more information about Vishay´s ultrafast rectifier series VS-1EAH02xM3; VS-2EAH02xM3, VS-3EAH02xM3 and VS-SEAH02xM3 and a direct ordering option, please visit our e-commerce platform at


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