TiniFiber® and OmniCable Form a Strategic Partnership to Expand Availability of Micro Armor Fiber®

Cabling Solutions Aims to Revolutionize and Streamline Distribution Across North America

by gabi

TiniFiber, the exclusive manufacturer of the patented Micro Armor Fiber® optical cabling solutions, announces its partnership with OmniCable, an industry-leading redistributor selling communications and electrical products exclusively to distributors.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the communications sector, aimed at enhancing the accessibility and customization of TiniFiber solutions for North American customers. With this partnership, customers gain access to an extensive range of over 40 different SKUs of TiniFiber Micro Armor Fiber Cable Solutions, conveniently available at OmniCable’s 18 locations across North America.

 “We’re extremely excited to partner with TiniFiber and expand our growing portfolio of fiber cable inventory for our distribution partners,” said David Bemoras, President, Communications Division, for OmniCable. “Its patented armored fiber optic cable has a smaller outer diameter (OD) that is highly durable, flexible, and easy to install – a unique solution that meets the demands of technology challenging applications.”

TiniFiber has grown to become the leading manufacturer of armored fiber optic cables with their patented Stainless Steel Micro Armor Fiber Optic Cable, the world’s smallest armored fiber optic cable. Approximately 65% smaller and 75% lighter than traditional Aluminum Interlock Armor (AIA), this innovative cable aims to transform fiber optic solutions by providing exceptional flexibility and simplified installation in tight pathways, risers, and bends across various application areas, including A/V & Security, Commercial, DAS/Wireless, Broadband & Residential, Transportation, Data Centers, and Industrial.

“Our competitive market requires speed, access, and expertise, and OmniCable’s core business and newly formed communications business unit offer us a strategic partner to enhance the distributor experience,” said Steve Shultis, President of TiniFiber. “As we continue to optimize our go-to-market strategy, going forward we will be transitioning much of our current distribution channel to Omni and are confident that customers will welcome Omni’s local inventory, freight, and custom cutting.”


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