Texas Instruments unveils clock buffers with ultra-low noise floor and additive jitter

by donpedro

Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) expanded its high-performance clock buffer portfolio with the introduction of two new universal clock buffer families. The CDCLVC1310 LVCMOS clock buffer delivers an industry-leading phase noise floor of –169 dBc/Hz in crystal mode. The LMK00101/05 complements the family with flexible output voltage level configurations. The LMK00301/04/06/08 differential-ended family offers ultra-low additive jitter of 51 femtoseconds (fs). In response to today’s communications systems moving to higher data rates that demand stringent system jitter budgets, these devices deliver the lowest jitter, skew, and built-in signal-level translators. These new families support applications like networking and data communications, medical imaging, test and measurement, and radar.
TI offers a large portfolio of complementary devices to optimize the high-speed signal chain. Some of the devices complementing these clock buffers are:
• Clock generators such as the LMK03806 and CDCM61001.
• High-speed data converters such as the DAC3484, ADS4149 and ADC12D1800RF families.
• Power management ICs such as the TPS54120.
• Digital signal processors (DSPs) such as the TMS320C66x.

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