TE Connectivity’s HIVONEX PowerTube Connectors, Now Available at Mouser, Support High-Power Applications for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

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Mouser Electronics, Inc., the authorized global distributor with the newest electronic components and industrial automation products, is now stocking the HIVONEX PowerTube PowerTube connectors from TE Connectivity. Built for handling large electrical loads, the PowerTube connectors deliver safe and reliable performance for high-power applications in all hybrid and electric industrial and commercial vehicles. The PowerTube connector series supports up to 580 A continuous current depending on wire size and temperature and a voltage level of up to 1000 V.

The TE Connectivity HIVONEX PowerTube connectors, now available at Mouser, support wire sizes ranging from 35mm2 to 150mm2. Manufactured with scalability and modularity in mind, the PowerTube header is available in either 180° or 90° orientations, with up to 3 positions per connector. This is complemented by a unique cube-shaped bus bar interface that allows connectivity independent of bus bar orientation. Along with its modularity, a refined circular design greatly simplifies cable routing and connector assembly, helping to lower the total applied system cost. The PowerTube connector helps ensure reliable, safe connectivity thanks to IP6K9K dust and water ingress protection, connector position assurance (CPA) and a high voltage interlock loop (HVIL) safety feature in each pin.

The robust HIVONEX PowerTube connectors feature IP6K9K dust and water ingress protection, ensuring reliable, safe connectivity for hybrid and electric vehicles. The connectors’ circular design simplifies cable routing and connector assembly, helping to lower the total applied costs of automotive applications. The PowerTube connectors also offer connector position assurance to withstand engine-level vibration and a high-voltage interlock loop safety feature in each pin.

To learn more about the TE HIVONEX PowerTube connectors, visit https://www.mouser.com/new/te-connectivity/te-connectivity-powertube-connectors/.

The TE HIVONEX PowerTube connectors were recently featured in the September 26 edition of Mouser’s “New Tech Tuesday” blog, Electrification in Heavy Machinery and Equipment: Leading the Charge with TE PowerTube Connectors.

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