Shaping Change Together: SPT as a Partner for Customized RFID Solutions

Schreiner ProTech as an All-in-One Partner

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Whether tailored solutions for intralogistics, traffic management, or engineering industries: you’ll be able to get an impression of Schreiner ProTech’s expertise and product portfolio at LogiMAT 2024.

The slogan “Shaping Change Together” is clear: This year’s LogiMAT is all about change. And precisely that’s what Schreiner ProTech as a reliable and experienced partner in the field of RFID has actively been involved in doing for more than 20 years. Whether tailored solutions for intralogistics, traffic management, or engineering industries: from March 19 to 21, 2024, you’ll be able to get an impression of our expertise and our extensive product portfolio in a live setting in Hall 2, Booth 2B05 at LogiMAT in Stuttgart.

Securing sensitive RFID infrastructures and optimizing the flow of goods are currently key challenges for many companies. The Schreiner ProTech team will support you in these and other areas with in-depth specialist expertise and customized solutions:


The mobile robotics segment is becoming increasingly important in intralogistics. In the form of the DistaFerr series, Schreiner ProTech offers pioneering solutions for container management. This specialty RFID label solution considers not only the physical properties of metal, ESD, and RTIs (returnable transport items) but also enables comprehensive bulk reading, end-to-end batch track & trace, and optimized empties management in real time. Regarding the utilization of AMRs (automated mobile robots) and mobile robotics DistaFerr labels have already become a proven and essential element of viable track-and-trace systems.

Robust RFID

Harsh conditions are frequently found especially in industrial settings. Mechanical stress due to impacts during transportation or manufacturing processes can permanently damage RFID chips. With its Robust RFID technology, Schreiner ProTech ensures optimum protection of the sensitive RFID chips and the resulting full functionality. The technology that was originally developed for the pharmaceutical sector has been modified for the varying challenges of engineering industries and so offers a powerful label solution for all applications in which the going gets tough now and then.

High Security RFID

Security and integrity are also becoming increasingly important in RFID applications. Schreiner ProTech not only supports you in selecting the right security chips and the appropriate encrypted programming. We also offer end-to-end security in the production process. With our Hardware Security Module your sensitive data is protected from unauthorized access at all times.
Hardware Security Modules, HSM for short, offer protection against attacks and ensure the secure generation, management and transmission of cryptographic keys. Our HSM therefore offers you an additional level of security to consistently ensure the confidentiality, integrity and authenticity of your RFID solution.

Traffic Management

Whether secure access, toll fees, parking permits, access control, or authentication: The extensive portfolio of RFID-Windshield labels offers the suitable solution for a wide variety of applications. Numerous, individually combinable high-end security features additionally ensure high-level tampering and counterfeiting protection.

Unconventional and individual

Schreiner ProTech is known for realizing applications that cannot be solved with standard products. As a complete solutions provider, Schreiner ProTech’s portfolio covers all stages—from initial technology consulting to feasibility studies to antenna development, manufacture of products with integrated transponders, and qualified after-sales support. Individual and tailored.

Schreiner ProTech

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