Digital identity protection: Swissbit introduces iShield Key Pro with USB-C interface

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Swissbit’s iShield Key family — Image source: Swissbit

Swissbit is expanding its portfolio of hardware-based security keys with the new iShield Key Pro featuring a USB-C interface. Like its USB-A counterpart, the new model supports the FIDO2 standard as well as the PIV, HOTP and TOTP security protocols. The iShield Key Pro can also be used for physical access control applications, making it one of the most flexible security keys. In addition to the two Pro variants, Swissbit offers the iShield Key FIDO2, a model that is limited to FIDO2 functionality and therefore ideal for secure logins to websites and services. The iShield Key FIDO2 will also be available with a USB-S or USB-C interface.

With the new iShield Key Pro, Swissbit is continuing to expand its authentication offerings. The new USB-C interface gives users even more options to protect their digital identities. The iShield Key Pro minimizes not only the risk of online threats such as phishing, social engineering or account hijacking. It is also suitable for implementing security guidelines such as NIS-2, which requires multifactor authentication (MFA) in connection with IT systems for access control.

In addition to USB, the iShield Key series also features NFC connectivity. — Image source: Swissbit

Functions, compatibility, and configuration

The iShield Key Pro features more functions and protocols than a standard FIDO stick. They include PIV (Personal Identity Verification) for document signing and encryption. It is also compatible with older systems and security technologies, including HOTP (HMAC-based One-Time Password) for offline applications and TOTP (Time-based One-Time Password). The iShield Key Pro supports up to 42 TOTP slots. Temporary passwords for NFC-capable Android devices can be generated via an Android TOTP app. To configure TOTP, HOTP, and PIV functionalities, iShield Key Manager software is available free of charge for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Versatile application capabilities

The new iShield Key Pro with USB-C interface. — Image source: Swissbit

As an all-in-one security key, the iShield Key Pro supports USB as well as NFC connectivity, making it suitable for use with mobile phones. The contactless transfer of data also opens up many application capabilities in the access control field. To implement this functionality, Swissbit cooperates with selected technology partners and is available for project inquiries.

The iShield Key family

In addition to the iShield Key Pro, Swissbit also offers the iShield Key FIDO2. By being limited to the FIDO2/WebAuthn standards and their predecessor U2F, it provides a low-cost entry into the world of phishing-resistant authentication. The iShield Key FIDO2 will also be available in USB-A and USB-C versions.

All sticks are manufactured in Swissbit’s own semiconductor factory in Berlin and are designed for use in temperatures ranging from -25 °C to 70 °C (-13 °F to 158 °F).


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