Infineon extends its AIROC™ Wi-Fi 6/6E portfolio by introducing the powerful CYW5591x family of connected microcontrollers

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Today, Infineon Technologies AG announced the company’s new AIROC™ CYW5591x Connected Microcontroller (MCU) product family. The new family integrates robust, long-range Wi-Fi 6/6E and Bluetooth ® Low Energy 5.4 along with a secured and versatile MCU to allow customers to build cost-optimized, power-efficient, small form-factor products for smart home, industrial, wearables, and other IoT applications. The flexible platform accelerates customers’ time-to-market with ModusToolbox  software, RTOS and Linux host drivers, a fully validated Bluetooth stack and multiple sample code examples, Matter software enablement, and support for Infineon’s worldwide partner network.

“As an IoT leader with more than a billion Wi-Fi devices deployed worldwide, Infineon is committed to driving decarbonization and digitalization with low-power solutions that connect products to the cloud,” said Sivaram Trikutam, Vice President of Wi-Fi Products, Infineon Technologies. “The combination of our easy-to-use software, along with industry’s best wireless performance and lowest power consumption allows best-in-class IoT products to be built using the AIROC CYW5591x Connected MCU family.”

This flexible device family can be used as the main processor in an IoT device or as a subsystem in more complex designs to fully offload connectivity for IoT applications. The product family is available in three versions: CYW55913 for tri-band (2.4/5/6 GHz), CYW55912 for dual-band (2.4/5 GHz), and CYW55911 for single-band (2.4GHz) support.

Key features

Other key features of the new devices include:

  • An Arm ® Cortex ® M33 192MHz MCU with TrustZone ® CC312 with 768 KB SRAM
  • Quad-SPI with XIP with on-the-fly encryption/decryption for FLASH and PSRAM
  • 1×1 Tri-Band (2.4/5/6 GHz) 20MHz Wi-Fi 6/6E (802.11ax)
  • Up to +24 dBm transmit power for Wi-Fi for best-in-class range
  • Supports 6 GHz (Wi-Fi 6E) greenfield spectrum for lower congestion and reduced latency
  • Matter-over-Wi-Fi support
  • Bluetooth Low Energy 5.4 supports Bluetooth low energy 2 Mbps, LE Long Range, Advertising Extensions, and Advertising code selection for LE Long Range
  • Bluetooth Low Energy range and power are also optimized with up to +19 dBm transmit power
  • Best-in-class LE Longe Range sensitivity of -111.5 dBm
  • Extensive peripherals and GPIO support: 3xSCB(I2C/SPI/UART), TCPWM, 7 channel 12-bit ADC, Digital Microphone support, TCM (I2S/PCM), and up to 47 GPIOs
  • Hardware support for AES, RSA, ECC, ECDHA, ECDSA, Root-of-Trust
  • Multi-layer security supporting lifecycle management, secured boot with firmware authentication and encryption, anti-rollback, crypto key establishment, and management
  • PSA Level 2 Certifiable

Infineon makes doing business easy by offering an extensive module and platform partners ecosystem that meet the customers’ specific application requirements.


Infineon’s CYW55913/2/1 is sampling now to alpha customers. To learn more, contact

Supporting Partner Quote Page

“As a leading provider of wireless connectivity, we are excited to partner with industry-leader Infineon Technologies on their new AIROC™ CYW551x Wi-Fi and Bluetooth family in several of our new Wi-Fi modules,” said Patrick Lin, Vice President, AzureWave. “Our new ultra-small wireless modules with Infineon’s secured and robust components, deliver seamless connectivity for personal and industrial devices including mobile and internet devices, consumer electronics, home appliances, and more for tomorrow’s smart, connected requirements.”

“We are excited to partner with Infineon on its new, innovative AIROC™ CYW5591x Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Connected MCU family,” said Masatomo Hashimoto, Director, Communication Module Division, Murata. “Our latest Wi-Fi modules with the new Infineon Wi-Fi 6 SoC, along with its easy-to-use software development platform, simplify wireless development and certification for a variety of smart, connected devices. We look forward to enabling more developers to bring seamless connectivity in various form-factors to market.”

“With a track record of shipping over 5 billion modules and boasting over two decades of industry experience, we are extremely pleased to partner with Infineon on their latest AIROC™ CYW5591x Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Connected MCU family,” stated Mason Lin, Senior Vice President and GM of Advanced Mobile and Miniaturization BG, USI. “The combination of Infineon’s new chips in our miniaturized Wi-Fi/BT combo modules not only expedites time-to-market but also empowers developers to swiftly introduce portable consumer, smart home, and industrial applications to a wider audience.”

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