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Elastomeric couplings are pluggable, backlash-free and flexible shaft couplings. The connection or compensation element consists of a plastic star with involute teeth and a high Shore hardness. This elastic coupling star is electrically insulating and has a good vibration damping behavior. It is inserted in a form-fitting and slightly preloaded manner into two hubs with claw-shaped cams with high precision.

The company Jakob Antriebstechnik based in Kleinwallstadt has various elastomer coupling variants in its product range, which can be put together as desired by means of a modular system. Custom-made products are also possible.

The coupling EKM comes with a radial clamping hub on both sides as a cost-effective, compact standard series. It covers torque ranges from 8 – 2000 Nm and shaft diameters from 8 – 90 mm.

Technical data on the products can be viewed on the website  or requested directly from Jakob Antriebstechnik.

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