SMART Modular Demos its New 3.0” 256GB Gen-Z Memory Module at the Flash Memory Summit

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SMART Modular Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of SMART Global Holdings, Inc. and a leader in specialty memory, storage and hybrid solutions including memory modules, Flash memory cards and other solid state storage products, today announced it will be demonstrating its new 3.0” 256GB Gen-Z Memory Module (ZMM) at the Gen-Z Consortium booth at the 2019 Flash Memory Summit in Santa Clara, California.

The Gen-Z Consortium is made up of leading computer industry companies dedicated to creating and commercialising a new data access technology. As a contributing member of the Gen-Z Consortium since 2016, SMART has developed and demonstrated multiple generations of Gen-Z memory and storage solutions.  The newest 3.0” 256GB DDR4 ZMM supports multiple access semantics, byte and block addressable DRAM access, in-band configuration, and access key/region key memory isolation opcodes.  The 3.0” form factor follows the industry-standard enterprise and datacenter SSD 3” form factor from SNIA (4C SFF-TA-1008/9).

SMART’s 256GB ZMM supports 30GB/s of data bandwidth with 400ns deterministic access latency running in Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Dell Gen-Z enabled rack servers. The Gen-Z scalable computing interconnect protocol provides a simplified interface based on memory semantics and is designed to handle advance workloads, enabling data-centric computing with scalable memory pools and resources for real-time analytics and in-memory applications. The Gen-Z interconnect standard was developed to enable new solution architectures for delivering high levels of performance (high-bandwidth, low-latency), software efficiency, power optimizations, and industry agility.

SMART’s DDR4 256GB ZMM uses a Gen-Z DRAM Memory Controller ASSP developed by IntelliProp.

“SMART has provided significant leading-edge development support for Gen-Z adoption,” said Larry Cleland, director, Sales and Marketing at IntelliProp. “We are glad to be partnered with them for these last few years as we have worked closely together to integrate our Gen-Z Memory Controller ASSPs into their Gen-Z Memory Modules.”

“SMART’s dedication to the Consortium has been invaluable,” said Kurtis Bowman, president of the Gen-Z Consortium. “Solutions like the 256GB Gen-Z Memory Module (ZMM) represent important advancement for the industry ecosystem and encourage the adoption of Gen-Z technology. We look forward to future product developments from SMART and other Consortium members.”

SMART’s DDR4 256GB ZMM uses a high density DDR4 32Gb 3DS 4-high DRAMs provided by Samsung.

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