Raynet is setting groundbreaking standards in the software packaging and virtualization industry with RayPack Studio

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Raynet, the Paderborn-based software manufacturer and Europe’s leading provider of enterprise application lifecycle management services and products, today proudly announces the release of the new version of its enterprise software packaging solution. As pioneer in the software packaging industry, Raynet is setting new standards on the world market with RayPack Studio 6.3.
The new version offers outstanding features and functions:
Besides intelligent automatisms and an enormous increase in performance, the release focuses on the important future topics Citrix App Layering, support of the Windows 10 May 2020 update and MSIX technology.

Innovative & unique: realize app layering projects with RayPack Studio
RayPack Studio’s new component PackLayering is the ultimate solution when it comes to the cumbersome topic of application layering. With the new version, application layers can not only be created, but also converted, edited and saved. The innovative technology provides high flexibility and enormous time savings. RayPack Studio closes the functional gaps that arise with app layers and VDI using Citrix App Layering technology once and for all.
The layers created are much smaller and more compact than layers created with vendor tools, as the capture, cleanup and removal of unrelated resources are efficiently handled. Typical challenges are large and unnecessary amounts of data, which lead to performance losses, conspicuously large network and storage capacities, but also to conflicts between the individual application layers.
Different target formats can be created with only one RayPack Studio project. Single Source of Truth – classic, modern or VDI.

Always up-to-date: RayPack Studio supports the latest features of the Windows 10 May 2020 Update
Since the Windows 10 May 2020 Update it is possible to create packages with included services. With RayPack Studio 6.3 these services can be set up or added and also converted from MSI packages or repackaging projects.
Of course, a new rule set for the new operating system is also available to check the compatibility of the software packages with RayQC Advanced and to ensure that it can be used smoothly.

Full support of the latest MSIX functions
With this version the latest MSIX features are supported: services, maintenance and PSF fixups. It is now possible to create software packages including services. PowerShell scripts are also supported and can be configured to run both before and after the package is started.
In addition to updates, new features and enhancements to MSIX, Package Support Framework (PSF) and MSIX Core have been added that make packaging-specific challenges such as setting up data or configuring user profiles a thing of the past.

Get ready for MSIX app attach: the future of application deployment in virtual environments
RayPack Studio provides the out-of-the-box function to convert any supported format to MSIX app attach-VHD. With the MSIX app attach features, the application is completely separated from the operating system it is running on and can be dynamically attached and detached without visible delay. This enables a smooth deployment.

Further feature highlights and information about the current version of RayPack Studio can be found on the website.

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