Pulsiv OSMIUM microcontrollers now available from stock through DigiKey

Design engineers now able to order power conversion technology that significantly improves power electronics efficiency directly from stock

by gabi

Pulsiv Limited, the Cambridge (UK) power electronics innovator, has announced the availability from stock of its Pulsiv OSMIUM microcontrollers through leading global electronic components distributor, DigiKey.

Using a patented switching technique, Pulsiv has developed an entirely new method for converting AC to DC, reducing the overall energy wasted by mains powered devices or battery chargers. This unique technology has been specifically designed to help cut global CO2 emissions, deliver long-term sustainability, and achieve net zero targets.

Pulsiv OSMIUM has extended the range of conventional flyback topologies to replace more expensive LLC solutions, while achieving an unrivalled efficiency profile. It further helps manufacturers comply with the latest regulatory standards, including the EU’s Ecodesign Directive.

Various tools are available to simplify the engineering process including:

  • AC to DC front-end circuit design configurations
  • Front-end evaluation boards that can be paired with a preferred DC-DC converter
  • Reference designs that include a Pulsiv OSMIUM front-end design with a pre-optimised DC-DC converter
  • Expert design support to assist in optimising the technology for various applications

Pulsiv OSMIUM technology provides a scalable platform for engineers to reduce size, improve energy consumption and optimise cost when designing a power supply for virtually any application.

Key deliverables:

  • 99.5% front-end peak efficiency
  • 97.5% front-end average efficiency
  • 90% low power efficiency at 2W
  • 0.96 power factor
  • Universal input voltage range
  • Inrush current is completed eliminated

Nick Theodoris, Director of Global Sales & Distribution at Pulsiv says: “We’re very happy to have partnered with DigiKey as a stocking distributor for our Pulsiv OSMIUM microcontrollers. Their global reach, easy online ordering, and fast delivery enables engineers to quickly sample our ground-breaking technology for their new designs in almost any application. Pulsiv OSMIUM technology significantly increases low-load efficiency, improves energy waste, and saves cost, helping to reduce the impact billions of devices have on the health of our planet.”


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