PIC24F MCUs for graphic applications in the TME’s offer

by donpedro

The Transfer Multisort Elektronik offer includes Microchip controllers belonging to PIC24FJ256DAXXX family designed for graphic display control applications.

The new circuits feature among others:
• three integrated graphic accelerators
• embedded graphic display controller
• up to 96kB of RAM
• operation with STN, TFT and OLED displays of VGA resolution
• up to 24 operational mTouch channels (operation with capacitive keyboards)
• operation through Full Speed USB OTG (Host/Slave), I2C, SPI interface

In the new microcontroller family all components necessary to control modern graphic displays were integrated in a single semiconductor structure.
Furthermore, PIC24FJ256DAXXX family provides designers with a wide range of peripherals. Possible fields of application for the new microcontrollers include among others:
• vending machines
• points of sales (POS)
• thermostats
• wireless phones
• remote control systems
• home appliances (coffeemakers, refrigerators, ovens and washing machines)
• portable medical equipment (glucometers, blood pressure meters, electrocardiographs)
Microchip offers DM240312 evaluation board with PIC24FJ256DA210 microcontroller (which is also available in TME’s range of products).
More information: www.tme.eu

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