Parker Chomerics to show high performance EMI and environmental shielding solutions at DSEI

by donpedro

Parker Chomerics’ electrically conductive elastomer and plastic shielding solutions protect military equipment from electromagnetic interference (EMI) and environmental factors, including moisture and dust.

Parker Chomerics will be showing a range of high performance shielding solutions at Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI). The electrically conductive elastomer and plastic materials provide excellent protection from electromagnetic interference (EMI) and environmental factors, including moisture and dust. The company will also be exhibiting its wider integrated solutions for the defence industry on stand S2-135.

Particular prominence will be given to the CHO-SEAL 6502 and 6503 conductive elastomer gaskets, which are especially well suited to harsh environments where high performance (>100 dB) shielding is required. CHO-SEAL 6502 features a nickel-plated aluminiumfiller in silicone binder. CHO-SEAL 6503 features a fluorosilicone binder. Both variants are available in moulded or extruded forms and offer high levels of corrosion protection against aluminium. Also featured will be CHO-SEAL 1298, which incorporates a silver-plated aluminium filler within a fluorosilicone binder. Offering high performance in harsh corrosive environments, it delivers shielding in the range 90-110 dB and meets MIL-DTL-83528 type D specifications.

Conductive elastomer gaskets are reliable over the life of equipment and are widely adopted for shielding critical defence and aerospace electronic systems. The same gasket serves both as an EMI shield and an environmental shield. They resist compression set over a wide temperature range, accommodate low closure force and help control air flow.

Parker Chomerics has invested decades of research and testing, both in the laboratory and in the field, in order to develop these composite materials. The composition, size and morphology of the conductive particles in the filler powder are carefully controlled and their precise, uniform dispersion within the resinous binders produces materials with stable and consistent electrical and physical properties.

Chomerics’ Premier PBT-225 electrically conductive plastic will also be on display. This facilitates a move from metal to plastic housing conversions, significantly reducing the weight of electronic enclosures and the costs associated with secondary operations such as assembly and machining.



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