ODU SPC – Single POWER Connector

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ODU SPC series

ODU’s latest offering is the NEW Single Power Connector or SPC. Borrowing internal components from the Single Contact Lamella product line, the SPC is capable of delivering high current loads, up to 1,000A, with a single pin protected in a locking housing. Several options are available including a push pull lock, bayonet lock and twist lock.

Applications include: Medical device power supplies, Industrial power distribution and Windpower applications.
– Proven ODU Lamella contact technology for high reliability
– Nominal current up to 1,000 A
– Nominal voltage up to 1,000 V
– For use under harsh environmental conditions
– High vibration resistance
– No accidental demating due to secure locking technology
– Touch proof IP2X in unmated condition
– Economical assembly due to crimp termination / screw termination on receptacles
– IP 50 or IP 67 in mated condition
– High number of mating cycles > 5.000
– Multiple keying options
– 5 housing colors
– Multiple locking features
– Metal and plastic housings available
– Cable to cable or panel mount

For further details please visit the company website – online catalog. If you cannot find in the catalog solution that meets your specifications, we notify you that are possible modifications of the standard version.
Together we can find the perfect solution!

Eng. Alina Cibu
E-mail: alina.cibu@odu-rom.ro
ODU ROM Manufacturing – Sibiu, Romania
Tel: 0748144488; Fax: 0269 221006
For general information visit: www.odu.de

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