New HIP2103/04 devices are a highly integrated and simple-to-use power management solution for 5V to 50V motor-driven applications

by donpedro

Intersil Corporation announced the industry’s first small form factor half-/full-bridge drivers that significantly extend power usage and overall product life of

multi-cell lithium ion (Li) battery devices operating from 5V to 50V. The new HIP2103 and HIP2104 bridge drivers have a configurable topology to enable half-bridge, full-bridge and three phase motor-driven applications. They provide an innovative safety feature that prevents voltage kickback, which is the leading cause of damage and deterioration of Li batteries. The HIP2103/04 bridge drivers extend battery life through a unique power management method enabling the industry’s lowest sleep mode current to minimize power consumption when the device is not in use or in stand-by mode. In addition, the HIP2104 includes integrated Linear Regulator LDOs to enable direct bias from the battery and an integrated bootstrap FET, which eliminates the need for external diodes. From portable medical equipment to hand-held power tools to home automation products, end users demand products that have a long battery life, are reliable and last a long time. The new HIP2103/04 bridge drivers were specifically designed for these types of battery powered applications in which battery life, longevity and high reliability are required.


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