MSC presents modular Digital Signage Solutions

by donpedro

MSC Vertriebs GmbH presents at KIOSK EUROPE EXPO 2010 in Essen complete POI/POS and digital signage solutions as a combination of a flexible integration platform and different full HD displays.

The 148 x 102mm small embedded platform MSC Q7-MB-EP2 integrates a compact power-saving MSC Qseven™ module and supports 1080p streams. The 1.1 GHz Intel® Atom™ processor Z510 on the computer-on-module is used to a capacity of only 18 – 20 percent. Due to the low power dissipation of the processor of less than 10W, the platform is suitable for fanless display controlling under the operating systems Linux, Windows® XP or Windows® 7.
For the digital transmission of video data without signal conversion loss, the integration platform MSC Q7-MB-EP2 offers a DVI interface. Today, DVI is the standard interface for large-scale signage displays with high resolution. More powerful HD applications can be realised via a digital high definition multimedia interface (HDMI) whereas the HDMI license is with the OEM customer.
MSC offers integration platform for customers who want to realise their own digital signage solution as well as complete full HD display systems including application-specific content management software. MSC presents an 139 cm (55 inch) display with multi touch function from Chilin, an 144,8 cm (57 inch) standard monitor and an 119,4 cm (47 inch) display with 3D functionality (without 3D glasses). An ideal complement to the current display product portfolio of the MSC-Gleichmann Group are the special format stretched TFT panels from Tovis, e.g. an 96 cm (37,9 inch) display with LED backlight and a brightness of 1000cd/m². Furthermore MSC shows professional panels from LG Display with a new liquid to move the clearing point from 80°C to 110°C for outdoor applications.
Wolfgang Eisenbarth, Director of Marketing Embedded Computer Technology, MSC Vertriebs GmbH, said: „We concentrate our company know-how to get excellent solutions for vertical markets like POI/POS and digital signage. We expect a significant growth in revenue and have completed our product portfolio of innovative modular systems for digital signage applications.“

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