Maxim Reference Platform Accelerates the Design of Next-Generation Smart Meters

by donpedro

Maxim Integrated Products introduces the Newport smart meter reference platform. Integrating the latest in metrology, security, and powerline communications (G3-PLC) technology, this reference platform gives utilities a versatile way to evaluate smart grid technology, and gives manufacturers an easy-to-use smart-meter design to accelerate time to market. High integration and best-in-class accuracy reduce infrastructure costs and Newport’s highly dependable, flexible, and robust components allow performance in adverse conditions. This design demonstrates Maxim’s commitment to providing solutions for metrology, communication, security, interface, power, and timekeeping to the smart grid. A separate G3-PLC concentrator board is available to support meter-to-concentrator communications testing. The rapid rollout of the smart grid is characterized by certainties and uncertainties. All smart meters need high accuracy, robust communication, security, and a long field life.
To ensure that a design meets these performance criteria, the Newport evaluation platform integrates the 71M6541 energy-metering system on chip (SoC) that provides 0.1% accuracy across a wide current range of 2000:1.

Maxim Integrated Products

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