Maxim’s Secure RFID Keys Feature the 13.56MHz Interface Being Deployed for secure applications

by donpedro

Maxim Integrated Products introduces a new line of RFID keys and cards designed for the two-billion-units-per-year automatic identification, access control, and electronic cash (e-cash) markets. This new contactless RFID product family (the MAX66000/020/040/100/120/140) leverages the expertise utilized in the company’s popular 1-Wire® secure authentication ICs, which protect intellectual property in embedded systems. With a 13.56MHz interface, these secure keys are ideally positioned to gain market share because 13.56MHz is becoming the worldwide standard for access control and e-payment applications. Some regions of the world have already begun deploying this RFID technology for passport and national ID cards. As the critical data found inside many of these RF credentials becomes more and more valuable, efforts to crack, counterfeit, and duplicate cards and credentials will increase. System integrators are already looking for increased security and authentication techniques to protect those assets.

Maxim Integrated Products

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