Intelligent display modules gain host of connectivity expansion options

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4DS002-MOTG-34D Systems introduced the modules-on-the-go (MOTG) series, which provides a simple plug-and-play interface to the 4D Systems gen4 range of DIABLO16 and PICASO intelligent display modules. Responding to demand for additional display-module interface and communication capabilities, the MOTG series has been designed specifically to satisfy customer need. In providing this connectivity 4D Systems has developed the Universal MOTG Interface (UMI), which is published as an open standard.
Initially the MOTG range comprises four modules, providing WiFi, Bluetooth (BLE), RS232 or RS485 connectivity. The modules plug into an interface board that also links to either a gen4 DIABLO16 or PICASO display. A fifth MOTG module adds MP3 playback functionality. The MOTG-WiFi-ESP module provides WiFi connectivity through an Expressif ESP8266 WiFi SoC and suits use in IoT/Industrial IoT applications.
Providing Bluetooth 4.0 / 4.2 / low energy connectivity is the MOTG-Bluetooth module, which incorporates a Microchip BM70BLES1FC2 device.
Serial communication is accommodated with either the MOTG-RS232 or MOTG-RS485 (differential) modules.
In addition to the MOTG connectivity modules, the MOTG-MP3 provides MP3 playback capability using a 16-bit MCU audio decoder. Connection to the gen4 DIABLO16 display module is via the MOTG-AC1 – a one-slot interface board, or the two-slot MOTG-AC2. The PICASO display module uses the MOTG-AC3 one-slot interface board. The MOTG approach provides an extremely quick and convenient method of adding a host of low-profile connectivity options to the gen4 series of display modules. It also opens up the use of the display modules in a broad range of embedded applications. By developing the UMI as an open standard, 4D Systems encourages developers to implement it in any design. Making this approach accessible to any embedded design is the MOTG-BREADTOOTH prototyping board, which allows the use of any MOTG module with virtually any host.

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