Industries first DDR4 wide temperature DDR4 Module from InnoDisk

by donpedro

201601-distribution-innodisk-press_WEBMSC Technologies, a business unit of Avnet, Inc., offers the industry’s first DDR4 wide temperature module is designed for industrial platforms and applications for harsh environments. Supporting the Intel Skylake H/S/U and Broadwell platform, the DDR4 wide temperature module series is Jedec compliant and offers up to 30% higher performance with 20% lower power consumption compared to the mainstream DDR3 modules.

This product series is especially suited for outdoor environments. Its built-in thermal sensors alert the respective system to temperature changes, while its industrial-grade wide temperature components allow the operation to withstands temperature changes, while its industrial –grade temperature components allow the operation to withstands temperatures ranging from -40 to +85°. An idyllic situation for utilizing the DDR4 wide temperature modules is its use in outdoor automatic payment machines because of their exposure direct sunlight, wind, rain and other external factors.

The module with its built –in thermal sensor is ideal for outdoor applications and systems and comes with InnoDisk proprietary 30ü golden finger connector interface. InnoDisk conformal coating on the module protects against moisture, contaminants, dust and acid materials. The value-added conformal coating for DRAM modules applied in outdoor automated machines and military systems can protect the systems from water sprays, airborne dust and acidic materials. In addition, they ensure high performance operation in harsh environments.

MSC Technologies

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