Farnell element14 publishes insight from its portfolio of leading partners in a new resource for engineers

by donpedro

Farnell-PR-PIC-R&D-BookFarnell element14, The Development Distributor, works with the world’s leading electronic component and single board computer companies. Thanks to these strong partnerships, Farnell element14 has a deep understanding and design knowledge that allows the company to provide consistent and reliable support to customers with differing design needs, as their projects move from concept through to design. To help engineers bring their ideas to life faster, Farnell element14 has curated design ideas and tips from some of the world’s leading manufacturers in a new book that provides inspiration to engineers developing ideas.

Farnell element14 recognises that the Research and Design phase of a project is critical to success. Many members of the Farnell element14 team are engineers themselves, who are ideally placed to understand the information and resources that fellow designers need. A central part of Farnell element14’s offering as the Development Distributor is the breadth of components, hardware and tools on offer to support engineers through their own research and design processes.

Steve Carr, Global Head of Marketing explained, “To provide insight and additional support, Farnell element14 has developed a new research and design booklet which features best practice tips for design engineers, research and design case studies and an insight into the design methodology used by Farnell element14, the number one manufacturer of development kits.”

For more information, visit the website at http://www.premierfarnell.com

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