element14 Kicks Off Summer with All-New “Workbench Wednesday” Episodes

by donpedro

element14.com, the world’s largest electronic design community, has released its latest episode of the “Workbench Wednesdays” series, hosted by James Lewis, the Bald Engineer. The online series provides engineers with tips and tricks on the latest bench top productivity tools to help build smarter. The episode released today is sure to be hair-raising as James investigates the electrostatic protection tools every engineer should have and know how to use.

“We created the ‘Workbench Wednesdays’ series to help community members expand their knowledge and ensure they understand everything their tools can do to help them create innovative products,” said Dianne Kibbey, Global Head of Community and Social Media at the element14 Community. “James brings a unique spin to the series and offers our 640,000-strong community a perspective they can relate to because he’s a professional engineer, too. We’re excited to continue ‘Workbench Wednesdays’ to help our community connect with each other, inspire creativity and bring their ideas to life.”

In contrast to traditional product reviews, “Workbench Wednesdays” provides hands-on tips in real-lab situations. The episodes provide engineers and makers with valuable insights to help them decide whether or not to upgrade their gadgets and why. Community members are also welcome to interact with the content and host to gain an even deeper understanding about the tools and concepts being discussed. One of the most popular episodes of Workbench Wednesday featured James reviewing the considerations for when to upgrade a soldering station as well as how-to’s on solder tip maintenance that will extend the life of their tools.

The first community specifically built for professional engineers, makers and enthusiasts alike, element14 offers a variety of benefits to its members to help them to grow their knowledge and skills. element14 is part of Farnell, an Avnet company, and provides access to resources that offer information on a number of the latest development tools, technical information from suppliers, community discussions, webinars as well as live chats with the element14 support team.

New content will be featured on a weekly basis. To learn more or view the element14 Community’s “Workbench Wednesdays” series, please visit: https://www.element14.com/community/community/element14-presents/workbenchwednesdays.

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