Digital Power Management Controller to optimize Power Supply Design

by donpedro

Powervation represented by ED-V Gesellschaft für Elektronik + Design In mbH in Germany, Austria and Switzerland has introduced the digital power management controller PV3012. The product is the first of Powervation’s second generation of digital power ICs featuring a real-time auto-compensation (Auto-control™) for the automatically adaptive DC/DC conversion. The versatile and powerful controller optimizes the performance and energy-efficiency of power-supply systems.
Powervation’s patented Auto-control™ technology continuously compensates for load transients and changes in the output impedance. The real-time algorithm automatically optimizes regulation and removes the need for the designer to compensate the loop. One advantage of adaptive control is that power stage uncertainty is reduced by the parametric estimation. With this, the system becomes more robust, and the limitations on control performance to achieve robustness are relaxed.
The Auto-control™ technology continuously tunes parameters during operation and deals easily with a wide range of power-stage variations and power-stage dynamics. The benefits include greater voltage stability, faster transient response and ease of design. Furthermore the technology compensates silicon ageing and degradation in components, guaranteeing power-supply quality and stability for the life of the system.
One unique feature of the digital power management controller PV3012 is Digital Stress Sharing (DSS) to eliminate hot spots in parallel connections and to reduce the board temperature by 10°C to increase equipment life time. DSS is useful in modern power architectures where electrical and thermal stress need to be actively balanced between an arbitrary number of digitally controlled DC-DC switch-mode power converters (SMPCs).
To improve long term reliability of the power supply and data retention, Powervation uses a fuse-based memory technology (OTPs) instead of flash. This allows higher temperature operations of the power supply.

“The energy-efficiency of the power supply is one the important features of today’s industrial products. With the digital power ICs from Powervation customers can save 20 – 50 percent power at the system level. The Auto-control™ technology also dramatically shortens design-time from weeks to days and improves performance,” said Wolfgang Zang, Geschäftsführer of ED-V.

“Our power management controller support the quick and reliable configuration of smart-grid applications. With ED-V as our first distributor in Europe we found an excellent partner for us in the German region. ED-V has a considerable amount of technical experience and applications know-how to support customers in all markets,” said Mike McAuliffe, CEO, Powervation.

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