A Complete Multimedia Development System: The 32-bit Multimedia Board by mikroElektronika

by donpedro

The 32-bit Multimedia Board from mikroElektronika is a compact, all inclusive development board for complete, high quality multimedia development. The board comes packaged with printed user manuals and schematics and a CD full of example projects that are easy to use, and really show the power of the PIC32. The 17+ MB of included code examples are written using Microchip’s software stacks, making them easy to port with few modifications.

The board has enough power to stream 16bit color video at 15 frames per second, off of an SD Card.
The back side reveals the brains of the board – a PIC32MX460F512L device. The back side also has USB Host and Device connectors, M25P80 Flash device, a 24LC01 Serial EEPROM, External ICD Connector, SD Card Slot, Stereo Codec chip with integrated Headphone driver, and a digital accelerometer.

Easy to use schematics, included with the board, make using and prototyping with the board a breeze!

The board contains a 320×240 Touch Screen Panel, 4-way joystick, Microchip’s MCP9700A Temperature Sensor, optional MRF24J40MA ZigBee Module, headphone and microphone connectors, RS-232 port, and prototyping pins.
The mikroElektronika board is available for $149.00 on microchip DIRECT (Part # TMIK001). The optional 802.15.4 ZigBee Radio Module is available for $9.95 (Part # MRF24J40MA). More information at: www.mikroe.com.

mikroElektronika manufactures high-quality development tools for microcontrollers. In addition, they develop sophisticated, comprehensive compilers and tools for for PIC MCU users who want to get a quick start. mikroElektronika also distributes many of books and articles, many of which are available for browsing and
download, absolutely free of charge.


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