8-Channel – Relay Board

by donpedro

For switching different appliances, lamps or motors by means of a computer program.
The relay points can be loaded up to 3 A each at maximum. Operating voltage of the relay board: 12 V/DC. By means of the enclosed software it is possible to switch on and off up to 8 different appliances at different times. It is also possible to programmer certain switching sequences (also for several days) or attractive effect lighting for stages and discotheques! The module has to connected at the printer port of a standard PC. Software-CD is enclosed!

Technical data:
Operating voltage: 12 V/DC max. 0.8 A
Channels: 8
Relay contact: 1 x ON max. 3 A max. 25 V each (If higher voltages shall be switched, please follow the instructions in the enclosed printed matter no. M1003)
Indication: each channel by 1 LED
Delivered software: DOS + WIN
Board dimensions: approx. 108 x 71 mm


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