New Sealed Power Relays Extend Switching Current to 36A

by gabi

Omron Electronic Components Europe has further expanded its sealed-type power relay portfolio with a 36A model extending its 16A and 20A devices. Omron’s new sealed type G6QE-1A4 complements the existing G6QE relay lineup for flux protection.

OMRON’s G6QE family is capable of opening and closing large currents up to 36A, while also being able to cope with inverter loads. The new G6QE-1A4 type delivers high capacity switching up to 480 VAC, 36A in a compact form. Energy-saving characteristics stem from reducing power consumption by approximately 12% compared with rated coil consumption by coil holding voltage (35% of coil rated voltage).

Safety is assured by IEC/EN60079-15 standards conforming to explosion-proof usage, with sealed equipment such as those using refrigerants redesigned for use with flammable green refrigerants to reduce environmental impact. Commercial heating and cooling equipment, heat pumps, and commercial refrigerators need a larger control current of 16A or more, along with the necessity for sealed relay types. Energy saving is further enabled through low coil consumption enabled by reduced holding voltage.

The new sealed type G6QE-1A4 relays are available now from authorised distributors and stockists throughout the UK and Europe.

OMRON Corporation

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