50Hz, 230V monophase input and output inverters, ODE-2 series

by donpedro

Transfer Multisort Elektronik offers ODE-2 series inverters, enabling controlling the monophase motors 230Vac 50Hz with the powers 0.37kW, 0.75kW, and 1.1kW. The inverters are dedicated to operate with motors type PSC (capacitor connected during a start) or shaded-pole motors. ODE-2 series inverter can be fully controlled and programmed either from an in-built keyboard or from a terminal block. On the terminal block there are:
– output +24VDC/0.1A;
– 3 digital inputs 0-30Vdc;
– one 3-pin input for external potentiometer connection 2.2kOhm – 10kOhm
– 1 output 0-10V or 4-20mA;
– 1 relay output of 5A/250Vac rating.
Besides, the ODE-2 series inverters can be controlled and programmed with the Optibus and Modbus network.
In this series’ inverters the following parameters can be set: motor max and min speed, accelerating and stopping time, 4 base speeds (tachometer function) and V/f characteristics shaping as well as start mode selection. They are also equipped with the following functions: extended menu access code, parameters locking, and PI controller function.
Their unique feature is their invariable start, always congruent with their sealed voltage characteristic. The converter sends the frequency to the motor and the motor’s voltage is increased to a specified value to achieve a nominal value of the motor speed.
There are 6 types with 3 powers in the TME offer:
• 0.37kW with or without B-class filter;
• 0.75kW with or without B-class filter;
• 1.1kW with or without B-class filter.

More information: www.tme.eu

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