Vicor introduces ChiP DCM family with ±1% regulation

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Vicor has extended its family of isolated, regulated DC-DC converter modules (DCMs) in ChiP packages, with a range of ±1% voltage regulation devices. With unrivaled power densities of up to 1,032 W/in3, the new series will offer engineers the option of directly driving loads that require tightly regulated output voltages. Vicor’s current family of DCMs in a ChiP package offers up to ±3% regulation and can also be paralleled into arrays for higher power delivery.

The ChiP DCM can operate from a wide range unregulated input to generate an isolated DC output. With its high frequency zero-voltage switching (ZVS) topology, the DCM converter consistently delivers high efficiency across its entire input voltage range.

Supporting Point-of-Load Applications
The new series of DCMs are initially offered with 28V, 270V, and 275V nominal input voltages. These products are aimed at a variety of defense and industrial applications that require tighter output voltage regulation – these include, UAV, ground vehicle, radar, transportation and industrial controls.  All these families are available in M-Grade, which provides operation down to -55°C.

New ChiP DCMs with enhanced output voltage regulation:

New ChiP DCM Family of Parts
Input Voltage
Package Input
Voltage Range
Output Voltage
3.3V 5V 12V 15V 24V 28V 48V
28V 3623 ChiP

(1.52 x 0.90 x 0.29 in)

16 – 50V 120W 180W 320W   320W 320W 320W
270V 4623 ChiP

(1.89 x 0.90 x 0.29 in)

160 – 420V   250W 500W 500W   500W  
275V 4623 ChiP

(1.89 x 0.90 x 0.29 in)

120 – 420V   190W 375W   375W 375W 375W


Table 1 – Items in green are available in standard and enhanced VOUT regulation

Learn more about Vicor’s new ±1% VOUT regulation DCMs

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