TI introduces 1.2-mm2 FemtoFET 60-V N-channel power MOSFET with industry’s best resistance

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CSD18541F5-Press-PhotoTexas Instruments (TI) introduced a new 60-V N-channel power FemtoFET power transistor that provides the industry’s lowest resistance that is 90 percent below traditional 60-V load switches, reducing power loss in end-systems. The CSD18541F5 is offered in a tiny 1.53-mm-by-0.77-mm silicon-based package that has an 80 percent smaller footprint than load switches in SOT-23 packages. For more information and samples, see www.ti.com/CSD18541F5-pr-eu.

The CSD18541F5 metal-oxide semiconductor field-effect transistor (MOSFET) maintains a typical on-resistance (Rdson) of 54-mΩ and is designed and optimized to replace standard small-signal MOSFETs in space-constrained industrial load-switch applications. The tiny land grid array (LGA) package features a 0.5-mm pitch between pads for easy mounting. Read the blog post, “Shrink your industrial footprint with new 60V FemtoFET MOSFETs.”

The CSD18541F5 expands TI’s NexFET™ technology portfolio of FemtoFET MOSFETs to include higher voltages and manufacturing-friendly footprints. Download the design summary with more information on the LGA package.

CSD18541F5 key features and benefits

  • Ultra-low 54-mΩ of Rdson at 10-V gate-to-source (VGS) is 90 percent less than traditional 60-V load switches, providing lower power loss.
  • Ultra-small 1.53-mm-by-0.77-mm-by-0.35-mm LGA package is 80 percent smaller than a traditional load switch in a SOT-23 package, reducing printed circuit board (PCB) board space.
  • Manufacturing-friendly 0.5-mm pad pitch.
  • Integrated electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection diode safeguards the MOSFET gate from over voltage.

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