The Perfect Antenna Connection

by donpedro

Extremely compact RF coaxial connector WR-UMRF — Image source: Würth Elektronik

WR-UMRF (Ultra-Miniature RF Coaxial Connector) is Würth Elektronik’s new, extremely compact high-frequency coaxial connector. The plug snaps into the jack to form a stable right-angled cable-to-board connection with a height of just 2.5 mm. This cost-effective connection technology is of particular interest for connecting antennas to radio modules. The frequency range extends up to 6 GHz at 50 ohms.

With its low height of 2.5 mm, the WR-UMRF is a slim connection solution and also only requires a footprint of just 3.1 mm × 3.0 mm for PCB mounting. In terms of technical specifications, WR-UMRF remains compatible with many similar products on the market.

Würth Elektronik also offers pre-assembled cables with various combinations of UMRF, SMA or RP-SMA—optionally with protection class IP67. The available cable diameters are 1.13 mm, 1.32 mm and 1.37 mm.

The WR-UMRF connector and jack are available from stock without a minimum order quantity. Free samples are provided on request.

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