BMZ and Panasonic Cycle Technology sign cooperation agreement for e-bike drive systems in the European market

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BMZ V10 Intube – shown here when removing it from the frame. Available as 36V and 48V version. BMZ offers an Open Mold solution for the battery so that OEMs can quickly integrate the battery into their frame system.

The BMZ Group, as a global innovator in the battery industry and an open system provider in the e-bike market, and Panasonic Cycle Technology with a profound expertise in the e-bike market will join forces in the future in the European market. Panasonic Cycle Technology developed their first e-powered bike as early as 1979, launched current pedelec type of e-bike on the market in Japan in 1996 and has since been able to gain high market shares, especially in Japan, thanks to its high-performance e-bike components.

GX Ultimate – with 90 Nm power and a weight of less than 3 kg, high-end motor unit in the portfolio of Panasonic Cycle Technology

Next to joint efforts for dedicated service and support, the cooperation will include the common equipping of OEMs with e-bike systems consisting of BMZ’s battery solutions combined with Panasonic Cycle Technology’s motor and display. Synergies can also be used effectively here, the BMZ Group can rely on an existing concept with international service points and partners.

For many years, Panasonic Cycle Technology has been developing high-performance motors for different requirements, which are installed in well-known bicycle brands. From 60 Nm power, the GX Power to the GX Ultimate with 90 Nm, all power levels are covered – for city to mountain bikes. The appropriate range of compatible e-bike batteries from the BMZ Group, such as the recently introduced and most powerful integral e-bike battery of its time – BMZ V10 Intube with 725 Wh – were one more argument in favour of installing common systems in future.

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