Powerbox announces power supply industry’s first Cosel portable product selector app

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Cosel market first portable Product Selector App developed to operate across all mobile devices and computers, even without internet connection. — Picture: Shutterstock / Bloomicon / PRBX

Powerbox, one of Europe’s largest power supply companies and a leading force for four decades in optimizing power solutions for demanding applications, has announced the release of Cosel’s first portable product selector app developed to operate across all mobile devices and computers – even without internet connection. The application has been designed for speed, and coded to offer power designers and sales forces quick access to the most important parameters, helping them to choose the best Cosel power solution for their applications in just a few clicks.

Online product selectors are ubiquitous though in many instances it is useful to be able to select a power product without internet connection. Offline applications often require a lot of space and memory on end-user devices, something that concerns everyone. Working in close collaboration with electronics engineers and sales teams, the Cosel Product Selector App is based on a number of simple but vital parameters that designers select first when searching for a power unit.

The Cosel Product Selector App is straightforward in use and in just a few clicks the user is able to rapidly locate a selection of products suitable for his application. The app also includes simple calculators and all product specifications in a basic format as well as datasheets.

Working with projects or dealing with recurrent demands, after registration the Cosel Product Selector App allows users to save favorite products and solutions to their profile. The favorites folder then stores the user preferences for quick access to chosen products without adding further load to the application.

“This app has been designed to assist everyone at all levels, making it a quick, simple and easy process for selecting a power supply. The ability to use it offline as well as store favorites and send datasheets is particularly helpful when multiple solutions are available for the same specification and solutions based on specs entered ensure that the right solution is offered, thus optimizing costs.” said Nick Theodoris, Cosel Europe Sales Director. “Cosel is extremely proud to be the first to market with such a tool, demonstrating the company’s dedication to meeting the needs of today’s electronics engineers”.

To reduce the size of the app on users’ terminals, only datasheets are built into the application. However, links to supporting documentation e.g. instruction manuals are included under ‘Features’ and are accessible when online.

When a product is selected or saved in ‘Favorites’, when online the user can also access the stock-check option, offering him an immediate view of available products to order, thus reducing time to samples to an absolute minimum.

To guarantee that users always have the latest, updated Cosel products information, when online, the Cosel Product Selector App automatically checks for the latest stored data, offering an option to refresh the application or to stay with current version. Here again, the application has been optimized for speed and refreshing stored data is done in just a few seconds using an average speed connection.

For portability and accessibility, the Cosel Product Selector App complies with the two major mobile platforms: Apple and Android and is available from their respective App Stores. A version for MacBook users is available from the Mac App Store and for PC users, the Windows 10 App is available from the Microsoft store. Note that a Windows 7 & 8 version is available from Cosel’s Europe website.

Powerbox – A COSEL Group Company | www.prbx.com

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